Stravinsky - Petrushka Ballet FULL

I discovered Petrushka last year, and it is now one of my favorite pieces of Russian art. I decided to take the separate videos of this same performance on Youtube, and a better recording of the score, and edit them together. It took me about 3 months on and off to finish (it wasn't that hard, it's just that I took my time with the first half, then worked hard to finish the second half just before uploading it). First I had to take a full recording of the score, then layer the videos on top of it, then cut them up and edit each clip to either slow it down, or speed it up so that it would keep up with the score. This is what it looked like in Sony Vegas:

Performance: Bolshoi Ballet, produced by Mosfilm, released in 2002.
Petrushka - Andris Liepa
Ballerina - Tatiana Beletskaya
Blackamoor - Gennady Taranda

Unfortunately, I am unaware of the conductor and the orchestra that produced this recording.

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