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Management and Contemporary Music

Part one of a three-part series in which Pierre Boulez, Music Director of the New York Philharmonic, discusses many aspects of performing "contemporary" and "avant garde" music with panels representing the music world. Here, Amyas Ames, Chairman of New York Philharmonic. David Keiser, Honorary Chairman of New York Philharmonic. Carlos Moseley, President of New York Philharmonic. Performances of modern music accompany and illustrate these talks. On this program the conversation is of managing music venues, the orchestra's relationship with its audience, concerts in the park and other less than formal concert settings, and the question of what contemporary music "means" that is different from meanings in more traditional music. Performance pieces, performed by a chamber orchestra, include: Varese's "Offrandes", sung by Jan DeGaetani; and Schoenberg's "Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte", with baritone Richard Frisch.

Archive Alexander Street
Duration 00:28:56
Year 1975
Publisher Creative Arts Television
Copyright Copyright © 1975 Creative Arts Television


Pierre Boulez