World War, 1914-1918 Scores

The old flag back again
Legters Music Co., (ilu) 1891
Johnson, et al.
Commemoration day
The goose step is the thing in Germany
M. Witmark & Sons, (nyu) 1901
Ephraim, et al.
The girl that he loves best a soldier's song
White-Smith Music Publishing Co., (mau) 1902
Corliss, et al.
Under the stars and stripes
Sanders & Stayman Co., (dcu) 1902
It's a long, long way to tipperary
Chappell & Co., LTD., (nyu) 1953
Judge, et al.
March to victory
Columbia's call
Because we are Americans national song
Rob't L. Lamb, (nyu) 1913
When the boys come home
Oh Mr. Kaiser you will be wiser when you meet old glory's sons
Autocrat Music Publishing Co., (nyu) 1915