Articles about Work Songs

Yan Tan Tethera
English Dance & Song (2014) Vol. 76, No. 1, pp. 31


Ironworker Blues: Workers' Songs, Workers' Voices
Western Folklore (2013) Vol. 72, No. 3-4, pp. 333-354

Workers' songs, singing workers, and their work-related compositions have compelled folklorists for more than a century. This essay examines one such song, "Ironworker Blues," its maker, its musical roots, its meaning, and its resonance with present day ironworkers. In keeping ...

Never Go to Nanyang? The Historical Memories and Exhortation in the Keh-huan-gua from Southern Fujian
Min Su Qu Yi (2013) , No. 179, pp. 185-222

Keh-huan (migration overseas) is the common memories of overseas Chinese from coastal provinces. Many of their forefathers migrated to Southeast Asia (Nanyang) in search of a living. In their native hometowns as well as their destination countries, there circulated many ...