Women Scores

God and our union, the anthem of freedom
Beck & Lawton (Philadelphia) 1860
Dela, et al.
Confederate schottisch
Henry McCaffrey (Baltimore) 1861
Zouave mazourka
P. P. Werlein & Halsey (New Orleans) 1861
American banner march
Balmer & Weber (Saint Louis) 1861
The Gallant girl that smote the dastard Tory oh!
A. E. Blackmar (New Orleans) 1862
Diamonds, et al.
Cora schottisch
Blackmar & Co. (New Orleans) 1863
The Soldier's return schottisch
Endres and Compton (Saint Louis) 1864
Pray, maiden, pray!
Geo. Dunn & Compy. (Richmond) 1864
Kercheval, et al.
Minnie Lee
J. C. Schreiner & Son (Macon & Savannah) 1864
Wait love until the war is over
Lee & Walker (Philadelphia) 1864
Victory march for the United States, 1865
S. Brainard & Co. (Cleveland) 1865