Wilson, Woodrow Scores

Back from the land of the nut a monologue
1914, monographic. (xxu) 1914
The market basket. Part 3 a monologue
1915, monographic. (xxu) 1915
The country backs you, Mr. Wilson
Liberty Music Pub. Co., (ctu) 1917
Mazza, et al.
We're waiting for the call, Mr. Wilson
Sillaway Pub. Co., (wiu) 1917
Cloutman, et al.
Lend a hand to Wilson
Nye and Lapey, (nyu) 1917
Lapey, et al.
The freedom of the sea
[publisher not identified] , (xx) 1917
Goodwin, et al.
We are with you, Mr. President!
[publisher not identified], (nyu) 1917
Collins, et al.
Mr. Wilson President of our nation grand
H. J. Bischoff, (nju) 1917
Bischoff, et al.
We are with you, Mr. President!
The Composer, (nyu) 1917
Collins, et al.
Stand by the President
Henry Garrett, (txu) 1917
Garrett, et al.
We're coming! Woodrow, coming!
Ida Ghent Stanford and L.B. Cavell, (cau) 1917
Cavell, et al.
We have another Lincoln and Wilson is his name
Pubished for patriotic purposes by American-Allies Alliance, (nyu) 1917
Lowe, et al.