Articles about Vibrato

First Passaggio Transition Gestures in Classically Trained Female Singers
Journal of Voice (2016) Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 377.e21-377.e29

The purpose of this project was to determine the spectral and electroglottograph (EGG) differences exhibited by classically trained female singers when singing through their primo passaggio. The hypotheses were that the singers would exhibit relatively steady EGG levels and minimal ...

The Effect of Timbre, Pitch, and Vibrato on Vocal Pitch-Matching Accuracy
Journal of Voice (2016) Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 378.e1-378.e12

This study seeks to examine how target stimulus timbre, vibrato, pitch, and singer classification affect pitch-matching accuracy. Source signals were synthesized with a source slope of -12 dB/octave with and without vibrato at each of the pitches, C4, B4, and ...

Singers' and Nonsingers' Perception of Vocal Vibrato
Journal of Voice (2015) Vol. 29, No. 5, pp. 603-610

Vibrato, a small, nevertheless an important component in the singing voice is known to enrich the overall singing voice quality. However, in the perception of overall performance, it is often neglected. Singing performance is often appreciated by a mixed audience ...

The Effects of Emotional Expression on Vibrato
Journal of Voice (2015) Vol. 29, No. 2, pp. 170-181

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of emotional expression on several acoustic measures of vibrato, including its rate, extent, and steadiness. We hypothesized that singing a passage with emotional content would influence these variables. This study ...

Vibrato Wars
Early Music America (2015) Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 30-34,3


Vibrato Changes Following Imagery
Journal of Voice (2015) Vol. 29, No. 2, pp. 182-190

This study investigated acoustic change in singers' vibrato following imagery and non-imagery tasks. The study used a fully randomized cross-over (six conditions * two times) block design, in which each singer received each intervention in random order. Data were analyzed ...

Performing Lieder: Expert Perspectives and Comparison of Vibrato and Singer's Formant With Opera Singers
Journal of Voice (2015) Vol. 29, No. 5, pp. 645.e15-645.e32

This article reports three studies about performance of lieder, and in particular in comparison with opera performance. In study 1, 21 participants with experience in music performance and teaching completed a survey concerning various characteristics of lieder performance. The results ...