Temperance Scores

The tee-to-tal society, comic song
Atwill (nyu) 1840
Let's be gay
Wm. H. Oakes (mau) 1841
The bright star of temperance
T. J. Weygandt (pau) 1842
The state street quick step
Atwill (nyu) 1842
The victory is ours
John F. Nunns (nyu) 1844
King, et al.
Refreshing streams
F. D. Benteen (mdu) 1844
Thurber, et al.
A sober spouse for me, a fire-side temperance song
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1844
Morris, et al.
Drink from the mountain spring
C. Holt, Jr. (nyu) 1847
Cooke, et al.
Nay tell me not that he is mad
G. P. Reed (mau) 1847
Chianei, et al.
The temp'rance banner, glee
Wm. Hall and Son (nyu) 1849
I'm thinking on thy smile Mary, the drunkard's lament!
Edward L. Walker (pau) 1849
Duganne, et al.
The drunkard's wife
Firth, Pond and Co. (nyu) 1850