Articles about Teacher Education

Opportunity Knocks
Music Teacher (2016) Vol. 95, No. 4, pp. 18-20


Developing Core Practices for an Instrumental Music Education Methods

This article outlines the rationale for the development of an instrumental music education methods course devised around core practices. First, I provide a brief history and context of how teacher educators in the United States, over the last half-century, have ...

Keeping Up
Music Teacher (2016) Vol. 95, No. 4, pp. 5


The Extra Mile
Music Teacher (2016) Vol. 95, No. 4, pp. 27-28


Student Chapter Updates
Choral Journal (2016) Vol. 56, No. 7, pp. 84-85


Exploring Models of Technology Integration into Music Teacher Preparation Programs

The purposes of this study were to examine, from the faculty perspective, the structures by which pre-service music teachers gain technology experiences, and to understand the limitations of and influences on those structures. Music Education faculty members (N=169) responded to ...

Collaborative Music and Dance Improvisation Project: Investigating Perspectives

The 2014 National Core Arts Standards identify creating as one of three primary artistic processes. Music educators have often reported the improvising content standard of the 1994 version of the national standards challenging to implement outside of the jazz setting. ...