Articles about Sweden

More New Music: Holy
NME (2015) , pp. 21


Congruence-association model and experiments in film music: Toward interdisciplinary collaboration
Music and the Moving Image (2015) Vol. 8, pp. 5-24

This article draws attention to the value of objective measurement of both human responses and soundtracks for validating conjectures about the role of film music. Based on empirical research on film music as well as ideas from film theory and ...

Swedish Opera in Translation: Gustaf Adolf and Ebba Brahe
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 95-130

Swedish-language opera flourished at the end of the eighteenth century when King Gustav III (r. 1771-1792) made a conscious effort to elevate the status of his country's language by harnessing the combined power of drama, scene, and music, using both ...

Natural Voice Use in Patients With Voice Disorders and Vocally Healthy Speakers Based on 2 Days Voice Accumulator Information From a Database
Journal of Voice (2015) Vol. 29, No. 5, pp. 646.e1-646.e9

Information about how patients with voice disorders use their voices in natural communicative situations is scarce. Such long-term data have for the first time been uploaded to a central database from different hospitals in Sweden. The purpose was to investigate ...

"I Am a Jew in my soul and heart": Moses Pergament and the Dilemma of Cultural Identities
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 83-94

This article deals with the Swedish-Jewish composer and music critic Moses Pergament (1893-1977). I will touch upon Pergament's Jewish and Swedish identification and the reception of these identifications among the Swedish musical elites during the interwar period. As composer, Pergament ...

Keeping it indoors
Music Week (2015) , pp. 15,17,19,21