Studies And Exercises Scores

New vocal instructor
Arthur Clifton (mdu) 1820
Calisthenic exercises
J. C. B. Standbridge (pau) 1837
A new method for the piano forte
Saml. Carusi (mdu) 1839
A few sketches and lessons on vocal music
Wm. Herwig (scu) 1843
Music made easy
Wm. J. Edson (nyu) 1844
Studio legato
G. P. Reed (mau) 1846
The first step in the study of the piano forte
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1846
La gamme et L'etude d'arpg̈es
T. B. Mason (ohu) 1847
The congregational sight-singer
Firth, Pond and Co. (nyu) 1849