Articles about Staging

Behind the Scenes: Portland Opera
Opera News (2016) Vol. 80, No. 8, pp. 16


Borodin goes Bagdad
Bühne (2016) , No. 1, pp. 42-43


Discomfort Zone
Opera News (2016) Vol. 80, No. 8, pp. 32-35

Take the classic ABCD operas that fill out the standard opera season--"Aida" (race and militarism); "La Bohème" (gender politics and ageism); "Carmen" (sexual violence and male domination); "Don Giovanni" (rape). Theater is, in general, a lot more sophisticated when it ...

Man of the Theater
Opera News (2016) Vol. 80, No. 8, pp. 4

Bondy's elegant, spare 2001 realization of "The Turn of the Screw" from the Aix Festival is testament to his genius for letting a work speak for itself, and to his sympathetic artistic partnership with conductor Daniel Harding and soprano Mireille ...

Kunsthandlungen in Weiß
Opernwelt (2016) Vol. 57, No. 6, pp. np


Versuche über Puccini
Opernwelt (2016) Vol. 57, No. 7, pp. np