Articles about South Africa

Composing in Africa
IAWM Journal (2016) Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 22-23


South Africans Get Faith Guitars
Musical Merchandise Review (2015) Vol. 174, No. 10, pp. 19


National Mothers: Singing a Queer Family Romance for the New South Africa
Women & Music (2015) Vol. 19, pp. 77-85

In this article I consider ways that female singers have navigated and reworked motherhood in relation to the South African nation. Even as the profound queerness of the New South Africa produces alternatives to the conventional gendering of citizenship, the ...

Figurative Semiotics: A Textual Analysis of FAK Songs

This article explores the ideological content of (political) folk songs in apartheid South Africa. The "FAK Sangbundel" (songbook) found its way into countless Afrikaner homes, churches, organisations and schools, and became unanimous with Afrikaner culture and nationalism, imprinting certain beliefs ...

Tsonga Popular Music: Negotiating Ethnic Identity In "Global" Music Practices
Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa (2014) Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 37-54

Studies on black South African popular music have often invoked the idea of 'identity performance'. Although ethnic identity continues to be performed in contemporary black South African popular music, this article argues for the existence of a performance of, and ...