Articles about Sound Recording/Processing/Systems

Resonances and Responses
Divergence Press (2015) , No. 4, pp. np

The idea of resonances and responses as a fundamental compositional principle is found in many of my compositions. I have used it in instrumental pieces both with and without electronics, in theatre contexts, in conceptual works and in intertextual and ...

JazzTimes (2015) Vol. 45, No. 1, pp. 59


The Harmonic Sequencer: Mapping the Harmonic Series to a Sequencer
Divergence Press (2015) , No. 4, pp. np

This paper discusses a software tool created by the author in MAX. I have created a sequencer that mimics (in reverse) the relationship between the harmonic series and the equal temperament tuning in terms of temporal timing. I will discuss ...

"Strata Sequence": From Musical Rocks to Palaeo-Soundscapes
Divergence Press (2015) , No. 4, pp. np

"Strata Sequence" is a body of work comprising a range of creative outputs, including compositions and installations. The work represents a series of collaborations with museums and festivals related by the theme of geology. The first created work, "Living Waves," ...