Songs And Music Scores

My mother's song
S. Brainard's Sons (Cleveland) [1868]
Fruman, et al.
Mother's love is true
Horace Waters (New York) 1868
Who'll buy
Root & Cady (Chicago) 1869
The Drunkard's Child
Harris, Charles W. (nyu) 1870
Union Pacific Grand March
Rowe, Henry S. (mau) 1870
Standing on the platform
Brainard & Sons, S. (ohu) 1870
Mother dear we'll meet above
John Church & Co. (Cincinnati) 1871
The Temp'rance ship
Root & Cady (ilu) 1871
Peninsular railway march
White & Co., J. S. (miu) 1871
Poor drunkard's child
White, Smith & Perry (mau) 1871
Pity me stranger
Conly, Frank A. (pau) 1872
The Drunkard's daughter
McCaffrey, Henry (mdu) 1872