Soldiers Scores

Gentle Nettie Morre schottisch
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) [1856]
The South
Miller & Beacham (Baltimore) 1860
H., et al.
Old honest Abe for me: song and chorus arranged for the piano forte by G.D.S.
Firth, Pond & co., New York, c1860 1860
The Soldier's polka
Wm. Dressler (New York) 1860
D'Albert, et al.
Minute-men, form
P. P. Werlein (New Orleans) 1860
Still float spangled banner
S. T. Gordon (New York) 1861
Cross, et al.
Hail Columbia
C. Breusing (New York) 1861
Our country's flag
G. Andre & Co. (Philadelphia) 1861
Gumpert, et al.
Stand by the Union
Russell & Patee (Boston) 1861
The Dying soldier, or Kiss me good night mother
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1861
The Rallying cry
A. C. Peters & Bro. (Cincinnati) 1861
Bonianco, et al.