Scots Scores

On the banks of the dee, a favorite Scotch ballad
George Endicott (nyu) 1836
Caledonian march
George Willig (pau) 1837
Heather flowers, or ,Recollections of Scotland
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1840
What's a' the steer kimmer! Scotch ballad
Henry Prentiss (mau) 1840
Sleeping Maggie, Scotch ballad
George Willig (pau) 1840
Charlie O'Ross wi the sloe black e'en
C. E. Horn (nyu) 1841
Cook, et al.
I hae naebody now, Scotch ballad
C. T. Geslain (nyu) 1842
Highland Nora, a ballad
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1842
Crawford, et al.
The Waverly's Scottish dances
A. Fiot (pau) 1842
Jessie the flow'r o'Dumblane
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1842
The gem of Scotland
John F. Nunns (nyu) 1843