Articles about Scales

Scaling Up
Music Teacher (2016) Vol. 95, No. 8, pp. 27


Vocals: How To Sing On Pitch, Part 2
Canadian Musician (2015) Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 32

You might get what feels (to you) like an emotional-feeling vocal that way, but it will sound "pitchy" to some degree in many places, becoming tiresome for the listener. The recording engineer might be able to spend a few more ...

Keyboards: Wallerfalls
Canadian Musician (2015) Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 26

Large in both build and personality, Fats Waller earned his fame through his pianism and unique vocal style; we remember him now for his dazzling recordings, and for the wealth of over 400 original songs he left us. We have ...