Articles about Sampling

The Sound of the Future
Clavier Companion (2016) Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 26-29


Mixmag (2015) , No. 295, pp. 50


Following the Instruments, Designers, and Users: The Case of the Fairlight CMI
Journal on the Art of Record Production (2015) , No. 10, pp. np

The focus of this article is the Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (CMI), which is generally regarded as the first commercially available digital sampler. However, its designers, Peter Vogel and Kim Ryrie, were primarily interested in the use of digital synthesis ...

Mutiny Music: A sonic passage between islands
Perfect Beat (2015) Vol. 16, No. 1-2, pp. 9-28

"Mutiny Music" is a 12-part jazz suite composed by Rick Robertson in 2006 and performed by his band Baecastuff, a Sydney-based contemporary jazz ensembles. The work retells the mythic story at the foundations of two Pacific island communities, Pitcairn and ...