Articles about Saintes, France

Les "Mélanges" de Laurier
Revue de Musicologie (2008) Vol. 94, No. 2, pp. 403-421

Laurier's "Mélanges," preserved in the municipal library at Saintes, add important information to the biography of the musicians presented by B. Dompnier in the present volume. These "Mélanges" are a composite collection containing motets, many works for one or two ...

Étienne-Bonaventure Laurier, haute-contre, serpentiste et compositeur
Revue de Musicologie (2008) Vol. 94, No. 2, pp. 387-401

Étienne Bonaventure Laurier was one of the many musicians who lost their jobs at the suppression of the chapters of canons. An interesting collection of his compositions kept in Saintes (presented by J. Duron in the present volume) prompted the ...