Articles about Robert Morris

Exploring Tetrachordal Voice-Leading Spaces Within and Around the MORRIS Constellation
Music Theory Online (2011) Vol. 17, pp. 1-21

Building on the work of Stephen Soderberg, Julian Hook, Robert Morris, and others, this article explores a wide variety of voice-leading transformations involving set types 4-27[0258], 4-18[0147], 4-13[0136], and 4-12[0236]. It considers tetrachordal connections between any two members of the ...

Maximally Alpha-Like Operations
Music Theory Online (2008) Vol. 14, pp. np

Any two Z-related set-classes will map onto one another under 1) TnM or TnMI, or 2) TnM or TnMI in tandem with Morris's alpha operations, or 3) maximally alpha-like operations, the original contribution of the present paper. This brief "research ...

"Class Notes for Advanced Tonal Music Theory" by Robert D. Norris
Music Theory Online (2002) Vol. 8, pp. np

This review of Class Notes for Advanced Atonal Music Theory by Robert D. Morris (Lebanon, N.H.: Frog Peak Music, 2001) describes the book's organization, content, and applicability for pedagogical and research uses.