Articles about Revenue

What's Holding Us Back?
The Music Trades (2016) Vol. 164, No. 3, pp. 24


Rockonomics Revisited: The Rise of Music Streaming Services and the Effect on the Concert Industry

According to Krueger (2005) the main reason for concert ticket prices for popular music to show a sharp increase between 1996 and 2003 is that artists felt less constrained frm increasing prices due to the erosion of the complementary relationship ...

Online Sales Scorecard
The Music Trades (2016) Vol. 164, No. 8, pp. 28


The Distinctiveness of Electronic Dance Music. Challenging Mainstream Routines and Structures in the Music Industries

To what extent is the Dance (or EDM) genre distinctive, when compared to the structures currently present in the dynamic music industries? We have combined a literature review with a qualitative analysis through interviews with prominent Dutch Dance label owners, ...

Music Week (2015) , pp. 2