Articles about Polyphony

Shift and Transformation in Salento: Investigating Change in the Polyphonic Structure and Performance Practice of Canti Polivocali in Southern Puglia
Musicologist (2018) Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 96-114

This paper will focus on documenting change and transformation of polyphonic singing in the Salento region of lower Puglia (southern Italy), based on a comparative analysis of early field recordings and recently collected materials. Cantipolivocali (“multi-voiced songs”), the repertoire of ...

A New Interdisciplinary Approach to the Study of the Origins of Traditional Polyphony
Muzikologija (2015) , No. 18, pp. 77-98

The article discusses a new model of the origins of choral singing in the context of human evolutionary history. Hominid interaction with predators is seen as a crucial force in the evolution of human morphology and behaviour. Group singing and ...

Lamentaciones del profeta Jeremías en Ciutadella de Menorca: estudio y análisis del final polifónico de una fuente pretridentina
Anuario Musical (2015) , pp. 27-42

This article represents a first approach to a written and so far unpublished musical source: three loose parchment bifolia kept in the Diocesan Archive of Menorca that contain fragments from the Lamentations of Prophet Jeremiah. Their use predate the Council ...