Piano Music Scores

Mazourkas no. 4
[18--?], monographic. (xx) [18--?]
Chopin, et al.
1818 Mar. 14, monographic. (au) 1818 Mar. 14
Reminiscences of Coney Island
Wm. A. Pond & Co. (New York) 1819
The Spanish hymn, with variations
B. Carr (pau) 1825
The Grecian quick step
Edward Riley (nyu) 1828
Captain Winthrop's grand march
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831
The Lexington rondo
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1831
Grand march [from] Cinderella
G. M. Bourne (nyu) 1831
Italian quick step
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831