Articles about Performance Practice

On Practice, Skill and Competition: A Pragmatist Theory of Action for Instrumental Music Education
Contributions to Music Education (2017) Vol. 42, No. 1

Practice, skill and competition are important aspects of participating in school bands and orchestras. However, writers have questioned their value. In this philosophical paper, I mine the writings of the American pragmatists–in particular, their theories of habit and experience –- ...

How to Play Nicely With Others
Flute Talk (2016) Vol. 35, No. 7, pp. 45-46


Brain Research and Practicing, Part 2
Flute Talk (2016) Vol. 35, No. 10, pp. 28, 30, 32


Ornament der Kasse?
Opernwelt (2016) Vol. 57, No. 5, pp. np