Peace Scores

Let us have peace
Tripp & Cragg (Louisville) 1861
Hays, et al.
The Banners of peace
John Church Jr. (Cincinnati) 1865
Brainard, et al.
Jubilee or Return of peace waltz
Wm. A. Pond & Co. (New York) 1865
Universal peace
Metropolis Music Co., (nyu) 1917
Every boy's a hero in this war today
Ed. J. Small, (cau) 1918
Haines, et al.
The battle hymn of peace
The Haven Shop, (ilu) 1918
When the soldier boys come marching home
Frank D. Hall & S. Von Sitas, (vtu) 1918
The end of a perfect day
Carrie Jacobs-Bond & Son, (ilu) 1918
Jacobs-Bond, et al.
World peace
Wm. H. Wilgus, (ilu) 1918
No peace without good-will (a peace song of the republic)
Anna M. Hatch, (riu) 1919
Hatch, et al.
Peace patriotic song
Louis D. Pistoni, (riu) 1919
Paola, et al.
Hats off to grand Old Glory
Barbara Livingstone Hammond, (flu) 1919