Patriotic Music Scores

The presidents march: a new federal song
G. Willig (Philadelphia, PA) [ca. 1798]
Our flag is there
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) [18--?]
The star spangled banner
Eclipse Pub. Co. (Philadelphia) [18--?]
Arnold, et al.
The Star spangled banner a pariotic song
Printed and sold at Carr's music store, 36 Baltimore Street, (mdu) 1814
Key, et al.
Star spangled banner
A. Bacon and Co. (Philadelphia, PA) [ca. 1815]
Key, et al.
Star spangled banner
T. Carr Music Store (Baltimore, MD) [1821]
Carr, et al.
Star spangled banner
John Cole 1825
Key, et al.
My country! 'Tis of thee
C. Bradlee (Boston, MA) [1832?]
God bless America!
Fiot, Meignen and Co. (pau) 1834
The hymn of freedom
Kretschmar and Nunns (pau) 1834
A national song
H. F. Penfield (nyu) 1837
Lee, et al.
Come, sons of freedom!
J. C. Beckel (pau) 1839
Beckel, et al.