Articles about National Opera

Wagner mint nemzeti zeneszerzo?
Muzsika (2013) Vol. 56, No. 5, pp. np


Muzika i politika u Narodnom pozoristu u Beogradu u deceniji pred Prvi svetski rat
Muzikologija (2012) Vol. 12, No. 12, pp. 37-61

Part of the history of the National Theatre in Belgrade in the decade before the First World War relates to processes of discontinuity in the professionalization and modernization of the musical section in this institution and its repertoire. It had ...

Nationale 'Zukunftsmusik'? Bedrich Smetanas Dalibor und die Debatte um eine tschechische Oper
Studia Musicologica (2011) Vol. 52, No. 1-4, pp. 209-217

The article deals with the political and cultural situation in the 1860s in Prague and Bedrich Smetana's role after his return from Göteborg in 1861. Smetana was well aware that he had to act in accordance with the practical circumstances, ...

Ödön Mihalovich: Toldi szerelme (Toldis Liebe). Eine ungarische Oper vom Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts
Studia Musicologica (2011) Vol. 52, No. 1-4, pp. 85-94

On 18 March 1893 the opera Toldi by Ödön (Edmund von) Mihalovich (1842-1929) was premiered at the Royal Hungarian Opera House in Budapest. Three month later Ferenc Erkel, founder and single most important composer of the Hungarian national opera died. ...

Die Umwertung der Idee der Nationaloper um 1900
Studia Musicologica (2011) Vol. 52, No. 1-4, pp. 95-107

The years immediately following the Austro-Hungarian Compromise (1867) would politically have been the best time to make Bánk bán, Ferenc Erkel's most important opera known in Vienna, thus launching his work in the German cultural area. However, the plot of ...

Ein Genie des Ertragens. Zur Zweihundertjahrfeier Ferenc Erkels
Studia Musicologica (2011) Vol. 52, No. 1-4, pp. 15-25

An apprisal of the life and activities of Ferenc Erkel (1810-1893), founder of the genre and institution of Hungarian national opera.

The myth on the "first national opera": The cases of Serbia and Croatia
Studia Musicologica (2011) Vol. 52, No. 1-4, pp. 165-177

The so-called first national operas were usually not the earliest national operas, but works arbitrarily chosen in accordance to the given political and cultural circumstances. In the majority of cases, they reached this status during Romanticism, when the ideology of ...

Probleme mit einem nationalheld. Zu Bedrich Smetanas oper Dalibor
Studia Musicologica (2011) Vol. 52, No. 1-4, pp. 201-208

Bedrich Smetana's and Josef Wenzig's Dalibor (1868) attempted to convey into the Czech milieu the central topic of contemporary tragic opera, i. e. the utopy of happiness achieved only in the moment of death. Coeval reports and the revisions of ...