Articles about Musical Genres

Songlines (2016) , No. 117, pp. 97


The Distinctiveness of Electronic Dance Music. Challenging Mainstream Routines and Structures in the Music Industries

To what extent is the Dance (or EDM) genre distinctive, when compared to the structures currently present in the dynamic music industries? We have combined a literature review with a qualitative analysis through interviews with prominent Dutch Dance label owners, ...

"To Holmgard ... and Beyond": Folk Metal Fantasies and Hegemonic White Masculinities
Metal Music Studies (2015) Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 359-378

On first inspection, the metal music subculture of folk metal might be arguably residual white, masculine spaces. The subgenres are not fashionable within the metal music scene. Folk metal bands are ridiculed by fans of black metal for being too ...

Swedish Opera in Translation: Gustaf Adolf and Ebba Brahe
Ars Lyrica (2015) Vol. 22, pp. 95-130

Swedish-language opera flourished at the end of the eighteenth century when King Gustav III (r. 1771-1792) made a conscious effort to elevate the status of his country's language by harnessing the combined power of drama, scene, and music, using both ...