Articles about Music Listening

Mindful Music Listening Instruction Increases Listening Sensitivity and Enjoyment
Update (2016) Vol. 34, No. 3, pp. 48-55

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of mindful listening instruction on music listening sensitivity and music listening enjoyment. A pretest-posttest control group design was used. Participants, fourth-grade students (N = 42) from an elementary school in ...

Ranting & Reeling
FRoots (2016) Vol. 37, No. 12, pp. np


How Can Music Be Torturous?: Music in Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camps
Music and Politics (2016) Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. np

Singing on command, playing instruments in prisoners' orchestras and having to listen to this music was part of daily life in German Nazi Camps. SS-guards in many concentration and extermination camps purposefully used music to attack prisoners' identities, certainties and ...