Mothers Scores

Mother, dear, I'm thinking of you
J. P. Ordway (Boston) 1857
The ring my mother wore
John Church & Co. (Cincinnati) 1860
Dela, et al.
Your blessing dear mother
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1861
Who will care for mother now
J. W. Smith, Jr. (Brooklyn) [1863]
Sawyer, et al.
The Conscript's mother
T. W. Wood (Newport) 1863
Bedlow, et al.
The Old house far away, or The Dream of the soldier
Root & Cady (Chicago) 1863
I've no mother
Geo. Dunn & Compy. (Richmond) 1864
Herbert, et al.
I've no mother, now I'm weeping
Wm. C. Miller (Baltimore) 1865
Herbert, et al.
Mother's love is true
Horace Waters (New York) 1868
My mother's song
S. Brainard's Sons (Cleveland) [1868]
Fruman, et al.
Mother dear we'll meet above
John Church & Co. (Cincinnati) 1871
Come and sit by me dear mother
John Church & Co. (Cincinnati) 1874
S., et al.