Mothers And Sons Scores

The Volunteers mother
Jul. Schuberth & Co. (New York) 1861
Your blessing dear mother
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1861
Kiss me goodnight, mother
Russell & Pattee (Boston) 1861
Our captain's last words
Root & Cady (Chicago) 1861
It grows very dark, mother, very dark
H. M. Higgins (Chicago) 1861
The Dying soldier, or Kiss me good night mother
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1861
The Soldier to his mother
H. M. Higgins (Chicago) 1862
Bennett, et al.
A Mother's prayer
Henry McCaffrey (Baltimore) 1862
Up with the banner
H. M. Higgins (Chicago) 1862
Holmes, et al.
The Soldier to his mother, pathetic song
Lee & Walker (Philadelphia) 1862
Butcher, et al.
Mother, is the battle over
S. Brainard & Co. (Cleveland) 1862
M., et al.