Minuets Scores

It is the troubadour
Ph. Ernst (nyu) 1841
Ball, et al.
The minuet quadrilles
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1843
Ox minuet
Wm. Hall and Son (nyu) 1853
Ox minuet
William Hall and Son (nyu) 1853
Grobe, et al.
Minuet from Symphony in D major
Firth, Pond and Co. (nyu) 1857
Berg, et al.
Menuetto [violin and piano]
White & Goullaud (mau) 1871
Mozart's minuet (Opus 5)
Root & Cady (ilu) 1871
Prufer, Carl (mau) 1872
Menuetto, Op.29
Prufer, Carl (mau) 1872
Don Juan (menuet from)
Balmer & Weber (mou) 1873
Minuet in G minor
Gray, M. (cau) 1874