Military Life Scores

Camp life
Firth, Son & Co. (New York) 1861
Our boys in camp
G. D. Russell & Company (Boston) 1863
Lessur, et al.
Good times in the army boys
John Church Jr. (Cincinnati) 1863
Currier, et al.
How are you, conscript?
Henry Tolman & Co. (Boston) 1863
Wilder, et al.
Camp-fire song
Blackmar & Bro. (Augusta) 1864
Eaton, et al.
Short rations
Blackmar & Bro. (Augusta) 1864
Tenting on the old camp ground
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1864
Kittredge, et al.
The Song of the canteen
H. L. Story (Burlington) 1864
We're tenting on the old camp ground
Henry Tolman & Co. (Boston) 1864
Turner, et al.
I'm standing guard
Jos. P. Shaw (Rochester) 1864
Ellis, et al.
When you and I were soldier boys
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1865
Clark, et al.
I'm down on double quick
D. S. Holmes (Brooklyn) 1865