Marches (Voice With Piano) Scores

Double defenders
Henry Sterling Chapin, (nyu) 1917
For he fights for honor and Old Glory march song
Frank Harding, (nyu) 1917
Our boys march songs
[S. LoCascio], (vau) 1917
Fiorini, et al.
Babes of France march song
Luella Osborn, (cou) 1917
Some where in France is the lily march ballad
M. Witmark & Sons, (nyu) 1917
Howard, et al.
The boys in brown From our old home town
Harvey D. Bradford, (pau) 1917
Bradford, et al.
Marching song written for the 122nd field artillery
Clayton F. Summy Co., (ilu) 1917
Hubbard, et al.
It won't be long before we're home march song
M. Witmark & Sons, (nyu) 1918
Cunningham, et al.
When shall we return from France boys march song
John C. Brindmore, (mnu) 1918
Singing as they go marching song
Elliott Music Co., (mau) 1918
The fighting men march with chorus
C.C. Birchard & Company, (mau) 1918
Chadwick, et al.