March (Music) Scores

Ode to Washington, marcia funebre
Dubois and Stodart (nyu) 1828
Nahant march
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831
Grand march [from] Cinderella
G. M. Bourne (nyu) 1831
Captain Winthrop's grand march
C. Bradlee (mau) 1831
Grand heroic march [from] Masaniello
Kretschmar and Nunns (pau) 1832
March, waltz, and cotillion
G. Melksham Bourne (nyu) 1832
Corner-stone march
C. Bradlee (mau) 1832
General Jackson's New Orleans march
Firth and Hall (nyu) 1833
New York cadet's march
E. Riley (nyu) 1834