Lullabies Scores

The convict's lullaby
Geo. P. Reed (mau) 1845
Telford, et al.
Slumber song, la berceuse
P. K. Weizel (nyu) 1853
The Indian mother's lullaby
Henry Tolman (mau) 1855
Clark, et al.
Firth, Pond and Co. (nyu) 1857
Lullaby, 0p. 10
Firth, Pond and Co. (nyu) 1857
Cradle song of the soldier's wife
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1864
Barker, et al.
G. André & Co. (Philadelphia) 1866
Sleep, baby, sleep
Balmer & Weber (mou) 1870
Whittemore, Swan & Stephens (miu) 1870
The Christ Child
Pond & Co., Wm. A. (nyu) 1870
Mother's lullaby
Brainard Sons, S. (ohu) 1871
Sleep sweetly, love, and well
Peters, J. L. (nyu) 1871