Late-Romantic Scores

The Oratorio of Daniel
A-R Editions, Inc. 1866
Bristow, et al.
The Rose enslaves the Nightingale
Chester Music 1866
Newmarch, et al.
None but the Longing Heart
Edwin Ashdown 1869
Universal Edition 1870
There is a green hill far away
Edwin Ashdown 1871
Alexander, et al.
There is a Green Hill Far Away
Novello & Company 1871
Alexander, et al.
Courage, brother
Novello & Company 1872
Variations on a Theme by Josph Haydn
Breitkopf and Härtel 1873
Brahms, et al.
Variationen über ein Thema von Joseph Haydn for Two Pianos
Breitkopf and Härtel 1873
Brahms, et al.
Hochzeitszug (Wedding Processional)
Novello & Company 1874
Hofmann, et al.
Tre Digte (af V. Bergsøe)
Wilhelm Hansen 1875
I will sing of thy power
Novello & Company 1877