Articles about Jordan

Billboard (2015) Vol. 127, No. 17, pp. 36-37


Tajreebat 'Abd al-Hameed Hamam fi 'Aadat SiyaGHat al-Haan al-GHany al-sh'Abiyyat al-Urdunnee bastakhdam 'usluub t'Addad al-taSweet
Al-Majallah al-Urdunniyah lil-funun (2014) Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 151-176

This paper aimed at shedding light on the experience of Abdel Hameed Hamam in recomposing Jordanian folk-songs using the polyphonic style. The paper includes an overview of the history of Arabic Polyphony, its categories in Arabic musical composition, and presents ...

Aghany al-aTfal ash-sh'biiyat fi al-Urduun w dalalatha ar-ramziiyat
Al-Majallah al-Urdunniyah lil-funun (2013) Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 175-198

This study aimed to determine the symbolism of the popular children's songs in Jordan. To achieve this, the researchers divided the symbolic implications of children songs into the religious, economic, social, education, metaphysical and national. The results indicated that the ...

Zaharat at-tinuy' fi al-iyaqa'at al-'rabiyat: "Dirasaat taHliliyaat"
Al-Majallah al-Urdunniyah lil-funun (2013) Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 241-257

This study examined the phenomenon of variation in Arabic accompanying music rhythms to demonstrate its value as an outcome of the interactive relationship between rhythmic lines. The significance of this study stems from the need to elaborate on distinguishing characteristic ...

Tatawuur as-stiijdam alat al-qanuun fi al-Urduun
Al-Majallah al-Urdunniyah lil-funun (2013) Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 443-462

This paper focuses on the use of the musical instrument "qanun" in Jordan, including a concise history of qanun, its description, features, and specialties. This study gives also an idea about the beginnings of qanun's use in Jordan including some ...

Diilalat al-makaan fi al-aghanyat ash-sh'biyat al-Urdunniyat
Al-Majallah al-Urdunniyah lil-funun (2013) Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 317-329

This paper aims to propose a theory assuming that place plays an important role in music in general and has been demonstrating that Jordanian folk song is no exception in this regard. Referring to Bedouin's and rural songs, the researchers ...

Tamriinat Solfijeh al-mubtadayn mastuHata min b'DH al-aghany ash-sh'biyat al-Urduniyat w al-miSriyat
Al-Majallah al-Urdunniyah lil-funun (2013) Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 279-296

This research addresses the branch lyrical Solfege (Western and Arabic) at the Department of Music, Yarmouk University the researchers noted that the existing curricula were in need of technical exercise that would improve the movie learner's performance in this course. ...