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Videos: Hamburgische Staatsoper - "Giacomo Puccini: 'Madama Butterfly'"
American Record Guide (2014) Vol. 77, No. 5, pp. 251-252

With Act 2 we are back in the same white room with staircase and a big leather chair added. Butterfly is now attired in an odd white top, gray skirt, and blue pants. Yamadori arrives in an odd amalgamation of ...

Theologie, Ästhetik, Politik: Der Hamburger Opernstreit und die Frühaufklärung
Musiktheorie (2014) Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 197-208

This contribution contains an overview of the requirements and role of the Hamburg Opera at the Gänsemarkt, looking at both phases of the Hamburg opera controversy. After a short look at the theological motivations of late seventeenth-century opera critics, the ...