Articles about Filmmaking

La dimensión visual de la práctica instrumental: perspectivas teóricas, metodológicas y experiencias "fílmicas" de investigación
TRANS (2015) , pp. 1-17

In "The ethnomusicologist" (1971) Mantle Hood wrote: "The film is an indispensable and perhaps the most important form of documentation available for the ethnomusicologist." The ephemeral nature of the musical event itself, in its space-time dimension, requires the representation of ...

Filmar la frontera: algunas reflexiones en torno al uso del medio audiovisual en la investigación etnomusicólogica
TRANS (2015) , pp. 1-15

The use of audiovisual media as a research tool is gaining increasing importance in academic research and offers a valid alternative to other more "traditional" representations such as writing (Banks and Morphy 1997, Banks 2001, Pink 2006). Audiovisual applications cover ...

«Acts of wisdom and trust»: Sheets, Tapes and Machines in Egisto Macchi's Film Music Composition
Musica/Tecnologia (2014) Vol. 8-9, pp. 135-155,206-207,210

Egisto Macchi (1928-92) was a key figure in the renewal of late 20th century Italian musical life, as he contributed significantly to the creation of institutions such as Nuova Consonanza. During the 1960s his significant involvement in film production led ...

Re-Entering the Grid
Stereo Review (2011) Vol. 76, No. 3, pp. 12-19


6 Questions with Nigel Sinclair
Billboard (2010) Vol. 122, No. 18, pp. 8


Towards a radically different understanding of experience: Looking for an heautonomous auditory field in film
The Soundtrack (2010) Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 139-149

What can be the status of sound in film? Is sound always dependent on image in film? Or is it possible to give sound a more autonomous status? If yes, what are the consequences for the workflow? In the 1980s ...