Family Relationships Scores

The freshman and the sophomore
1907, monographic. (xxu) 1907
Somewhere there are thousand broken hearts
Fred G. Heberlein, (nyu) 1915
Acciani, et al.
Between the old world and the new
Keith's Music Publishing House, (nju) 1916
Huntington, et al.
America here's my boy
Joe Morris Music Co., (nyu) 1917
Lange, et al.
Her Yankee solider boy
James F. Langan Co., (pau) 1917
Betty my own piano senti-patiotic ballad from the trenches
The Cooperative Union Music, (cou) 1917
My boy
Oliver Ditson Company, (mau) 1917
Breese, et al.
She'll be waiting when you come back home march song
F. Wallace Regá, (nyu) 1917
Chiaffarelli, et al.
Somewhere in France is my daddy
Imperial Music Co., (vau) 1917
Adams, et al.
Bottle up your tears and smile
Chas. W. Hatch, Printer and Publisher, (cau) 1917
Adams, et al.
I'll be a long long way from home
Howard & Lavar Music Co., (nyu) 1917
We'll come back song & chorus
Metz Music Co., (ctu) 1917
Metz, et al.