Articles about Ethnic Music: Australia/New Zealand/Oceania

Reviews: Narasirato - "Warato'o"
FRoots (2012) Vol. 33, No. 12, pp. 59


Ngariwanajirri, The Tiwi "Strong Kids Song": Using Repatriated Song Recordings in a Contemporary Music Project
Yearbook for Traditional Music (2012) Vol. 44, pp. 1-23, 235-236

The Strong Kids Song project is very important for our community. We got together in the women's centre, sometimes at the school and talked to the children about being strong, being healthy, and being proud. The children came up with ...

The National Repatriation of Papua New Guinea Recordings: Experiences Straddling World War II
British Journal of Ethnomusicology (2012) Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 141-159

From 1898 to the present, sound recordings have been made in Papua New Guinea by a wide variety of individuals and groups. Since 1979, the Music Department of the Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies (a government institution concerned with ...