Articles about Elementary Schools

Musicians in Motion: Sequencing Movement Experiences in Elementary Music
Orff Echo (2016) Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 16-23

Movement is inextricably tied to music teaching and learning. By incorporating movement in a spiral curriculum, teachers enable students to build vocabulary through positive musical experiences, promoting student agency and creativity. This article examines the theoretical underpinnings and constructivist principles ...

Standing Start
Music Teacher (2016) Vol. 95, No. 5, pp. 22-23


Lust for Live
Music Teacher (2016) Vol. 95, No. 6, pp. 41


Working Conditions and Workplace Barriers to Vocal Health in Primary School Teachers
Journal of Voice (2016) Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 127.e31-127.e41

The purpose of this study was to identify the working conditions and workplace barriers to vocal health in primary school teachers. The relationship between working conditions and voice is analyzed. An 85-item questionnaire was administered to 550 primary school teachers ...

Behavioral Dysphonia and Depression in Elementary School Teachers
Journal of Voice (2015) Vol. 29, No. 6, pp. 712-717

Objective/Hypothesis: To verify the relationship between behavioral dysphonia and current depressive episodes in municipal elementary school teachers. We hypothesize that teachers with behavioral dysphonia will be more susceptible to psychiatric disorders. Five-hundred seventy-five teachers from urban and rural areas of ...