Articles about Drug Trafficking

Cracking the cartels
NME (2015) , pp. 32-33


'It's Like A Horror Movie'
Billboard (2015) Vol. 127, No. 11, pp. 11


Rick Ross: Rapper
Current Biography (2012) Vol. 73, No. 6, pp. 55-60


The Ballad of Narcomexico
Journal of Folklore Research (2012) Vol. 49, No. 3, pp. 249-274

In the first years of the new millennium, Mexico experienced a wave of violence associated with the trafficking of illegal substances, and the deep-seated Mexican ballad tradition called the corrido has served as a chronicle of these events, facilitating a ...

"Soy como tantos otros muchos mexicanos", o de las características que comparten los protagonistas de los corridos de narcotráfico y de migración
TRANS (2011)

Migrant and drug trafficking Mexican ballads coexist in concerts and people's taste, partially because people recognize a national reality that is well known to them. In this article, we focus on some shared features of the main characters of these ...

"Soy como tantos otros muchos mexicanos" ["I Am Like So Many Other Mexicans"]; or, On the Shared Characteristics of the Protagonists of Drug-Trafficking and Migration Corridos
TRANS (2011)

Mexican ballads about migrants and drug trafficking coexist on the stage and in the hearts of their listeners, who recognize a national reality, one they know well. This article analyzes the shared characteristics (e.g., social hierarchy, economic and political marginalization, ...

Young Blood
Billboard (2011) Vol. 123, No. 12, pp. 10


DYING For A Song
The Word (2010) , pp. 64-65