Articles about Darmstadt, Germany

Wo?: Darmstädter Ferienkurse
Crescendo (2016) Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 69


Tratsch und Liebe
Opernwelt (2016) Vol. 57, No. 6, pp. np


Darmstadt's New Wave Modernism
Tempo (2015) Vol. 69, No. 271, pp. 57-65

This year's Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music were plugged-in, wired-up, mixed-down, line-out. Scarcely a main-stage concert wasn't amplified, at the very least. More often, new works synthesised spatialised sound design, video material, lighting and electronics in high-tech, high-concept performances.

Editorial: 'Tintin in America!'
Tempo (2015) Vol. 69, No. 271, pp. 3-6


Darmstadt: The 'Artistic Laboratory'
Tempo (2015) Vol. 69, No. 271, pp. 66-68

Throughout the 2014 International Summer Course for New Music, the correlations between Darmstadt's scientific and artistic nuclei resonated. In his 'Greeting' note in the Summer Course programme booklet, the Mayor of Darmstadt, Jochen Partsch, describes the Summer Course as 'an ...