Articles about Competition

On Practice, Skill and Competition: A Pragmatist Theory of Action for Instrumental Music Education
Contributions to Music Education (2017) Vol. 42, No. 1

Practice, skill and competition are important aspects of participating in school bands and orchestras. However, writers have questioned their value. In this philosophical paper, I mine the writings of the American pragmatists–in particular, their theories of habit and experience –- ...

Competing through Social Media
The Music Trades (2016) Vol. 164, No. 7, pp. 54


13 Ways DJs Learn from Competitors
DJ Times (2016) Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 34


Max Lousada
Billboard (2016) Vol. 128, No. 6, pp. 14-17


Labelled with love
Music Week (2015) , pp. 15,17-20,22-23,25,27


Music Week (2015) , pp. 15-17