Choruses (Mixed Voices, 4 Parts), Unaccompanied Scores

The Furnace blast
Firth, Pond & Co. (New York) 1862
Hutchinson, et al.
The Nation's prayer
Horace Waters (New York) 1863
Burleigh, et al.
Tell mother I die happy
S. T. Gordon (New York) 1863
Burns, et al.
U ncle Abe and the rebellious boys
H. M. Higgins (Chicago) 1863
Lincoln, et al.
We will be free
Oliver Ditson & Co. (Boston) 1864
Covert, et al.
Dear land of my fathers, or Columbia is mine
W. W. Whitney (Toledo) 1868
Covert, et al.
The call
Paul V. Clark, (xx) 1917
God save America
C. W. Thompson & Co., (ilu) 1918
Haviland, et al.
The service song of the republic
Mrs. F. H. Hacking, (mnu) 1918
Avery, et al.
America! God's chosen land a patriotic hymn
Morris B. Hafer, (xx) 1918
God bless all our Allied nations
monographic. (xx)