Band Music Scores

Series of music for two bugles and trombone
G. Graupner (mau) 1835
Pittsburg brass band quick step, no. 3
A. Fiot (pau) 1840
Concert quick step
Henry Tolman (mau) 1852
10 pieces of harmony, book 3, op. 12
Henry Tolman (mau) 1852
12 pieces of harmony
Henry Tolman (mau) 1853
Eaton, et al.
Tolman's amateur band book, no. 1
Henry Tolman (mau) 1854
Josephine redowa
Fay, Hoadly & Co. (mau) 1870
Octave galop
None, None, 1870, monographic. (xxu) 1870
Bronze horse galop
Squire, A. (xxu) 1870
Up and away galop
1871, monographic. (xxu) 1871
Quick step
1871, monographic. (xxu) 1871
Quick step (One name beloved & Song of home)
Squire, A. (ohu) 1871