Army Scores

Canton zouaves march
Seltzer & Webster (Columbus) 1860
Dayton light guard march
J. Church Jr. (Cincinnati) 1860
Warren guards quick step
Henry McCaffrey (Baltimore) 1860
Kehr, et al.
Camp song of the Irish Brigade
Root & Cady (Chicago) 1861
Hade, et al.
The Patriot's call
Firth, Pond & Co. (New York) 1861
Burge, et al.
Our hearts are with our country
H. M. Higgins (Chicago) 1861
Howard, et al.
War song of the 69th regiment
Horace Waters (New York) 1861
Arm! brothers, arm!
1861. 1861
Bourne, et al.
Hark! the signal
Horace Waters (New York) 1861
Bornhardt, et al.
Three cheers for our banner
Horace Waters (New York) 1861
Allen, et al.
National hymn (our dear old flag)
Marsh (Philadelphia) 1861
Beckel, et al.
Drummer boy of the national greys
Horace Waters (New York) 1861
Burge, et al.